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Gun Manufacturers

View information about Gun Manufacturers within our Directory section by reviewing this area of our website. We provide a wealth of information online to help our visitors become better informed about Hunter Buzz.

Gun Manufacturers
Directory | Gun Manufacturers Gun manufacturing has been a tradition in the US for centuries. Firearm innovation and reliability has always been at the core of our gun manufacturing success. Today, gun manufacturers from around the world compete in the USA against this proud tradition, ensuring that the leaders are producing the best guns that can be.

The following firearm manufacturers have been around for a while, they offer complete descriptions of their product lines, and, in some cases, provide lots of additional info to help the gun enthusiast and members of the military and law enforcement. Check out the Buzz around new guns and old favorites in the Hunter Buzz Gun Manufacturing Directory!
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Marlin Firearms
Marlin Firearms is a professional looking web site, with some nice features. They have an on-line store for buying accessories. The site is very fast. They highlight new items.

One caution -- if you want to order a firearm on-line -- they direct you to a different online website - Gallery of Guns. While this gives you an optional way to order your Marlin gun, it may not represent the best price, the best service, the fastest response, etc., etc. etc. SO, proceed at you own caution!

Nevertheless, worthy of a visit to what Marlin calls "America's favorite rifle maker".

Visit Marlin's Website: Official Marlin Website
Marlin Firearms | Gun Manufacturers
Marlin Firearms
Taurus Guns
The Taurus USA web site provides straightforward information about the Taurus product line from the Raging Bull to a neat little 9mm law enforcement revolver.

You can't buy online, but you can get all the specs. Obviously, this is the place to go to find out about all the Taurus gun alternatives.

Visit Taurus' Website: Official Taurus Guns Website
Taurus Guns | Gun Manufacturers
Taurus Guns
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Colt has it all -- commercial, law enforcement and military. This gun manufacturer web site highlights Colt's current gun inventory, including all specifications, and will direct you to a dealer near your location.

They also provide parts schematics to help with assembly and disassembly -- but ordering must be done off-line.

Visit Colt's Website: Official Colt Website
Colt | Gun Manufacturers
Remington Firearms
Remington is one of our country's oldest, premier gun manufacturers. Its website is packed with goodies and support for the gun owner -- more than meets the eye!

Its Magazine and News sections have lots of information -- not just about Remington -- everything from state hunting rules to great recipes

Of course, you can't buy firearms directly from this site, but you can pick up a few of Remington's other products -- and they appear to be expanding their online country store.

Fun to go to, easy to navigate and lots of good information. Highly recommended by Firearm Buzz!

Check out our complete Remington Web Site Review in the Review section of Firearm Buzz.

Visit Remington's Website: Official Remington Website
Remington Firearms | Gun Manufacturers
Remington Firearms
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Savage Arms
The Savage website is pretty simple; no online store, no accessories, no exhaustive information/resource sections, no online magazine.

The Savage web site gives you descriptions of Savage guns and directs you to dealers. It also gives you information about the Stevens and Snailtraps subsidiary products.

If you want to check out a Savage gun, this is the place to go.

Visit Savage's Website: Official Savage Arms Website
Savage Arms | Gun Manufacturers
Savage Arms
Like many gun manufacturers, Winchester provides only the basics about guns for sale. There is no online buying, and in this case, no online dealer locator. Accessory descriptions are slim. Parts can be ordered, but the order must be faxed or mailed.

Nevertheless, to see the full product line of Winchester guns, this is the place to go. And then, it's up to you to find out where to buy it!

Visit Winchester's Website: Official Winchester Website
Winchester | Gun Manufacturers
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