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Verona Shotguns

View information about Verona Shotguns within our Reviews section by reviewing this area of our website. We provide a wealth of information online to help our visitors become better informed about Hunter Buzz.

Verona Shotguns
Verona Shotguns is a web mystery – now solved!

First, there is no Verona web site. The guns are manufactured for BC Outdoors, which is a subsidiary of the Eldridge Cartridge Corporation (which also doesn’t have a web site!) The “Verona Shotgun” is simply a brand name for a line of shotguns distributed by BC Outdoors!

To get to Verona Shotgun information, you actually have to go to the PMC Ammunition web site. Confused yet?

Finally, the only Verona Shotgun review information I could find was chatter in various gun forums, mostly from enthused purchasers of Verona shotguns. The PMC Ammunition web site doesn’t provide more than their own marketing pitch.

The one bright bit of news is that Gander Mountain services these guns. They are a reputable dealer in the central and eastern part of the US. Check out the Gander Mountain web site for information on their Verona Shotgun gunsmithing services and in-store deals.
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Verona Shotgun Review
Once I found the PMC Ammunition web site and clicked on the Verona Shotgun logo, I went to their listing of shotguns and clicked though the on-line descriptions. The write-ups were a little sparse and, in some cases, misleading. Let me explain.

Having researched the Verona Shotgun line, I suspected that some of the guns were made in Turkey and some in Italy. In the write-ups, Turkey was never mentioned and the Bernardelli manufacturer was referenced for only a few guns. In one on-line gun forum, Fair/I Rizzini was mentioned as the manufacturer! Confused, I emailed BC Outdoors for more info. I have yet to receive an answer!

Enter Gander Mountain! Since they service the Verona Shotgun line, I asked them about where the guns were manufactured. They responded as follows:

“there [are] different makers of different firearms under the Verona name! The High end semi automatics are made by Bernardelli. The Over and Under firearms are made by Fair, and the Semi automatic shotguns are made in a Verona plant in Sarailmaz, Turkey.

12/10/2004 UPDATE!! I am pleased to report that PMC/BC Outdoors now indicates who makes their shotguns and where they are made!

1/25/2005 UPDATE!! I am also pleased to report that Verona Shotguns now has their own site -- you can go directly to and view their portfolio of products. Thanks to an alert Firearm Buzz visitor who emailed me with this update information.

4/10/2006 UPDATE!! has disappeared again! As one of the Firearm Buzz visitors put it, "I wish they would make a decision about how to market this brand."


Another interesting note, Gander Mountain is not mentioned anywhere (that I could find) on the PMC Ammunition web site. To give PMC credit, however, there was a comment on the dealer page that the information was being updated.

There is more information on the PMC Ammunition web site about their ammunition lines and the Doctor line of optics, which in most cases is a bit more robust than the descriptions of the Verona line of shotguns.

Finally, there is a relatively new forum available on the PMC Ammunition website. However, there are fewer than 200 members, which makes for few postings and entries compared to many of the more established gun forums.

To summarize, this website has a ways to go. It needs to be completely straightforward and comprehensive in describing Verona shotguns and other products. It needs to provide links to informational sites, especially those that provide reviews of their products. It needs to complete the dealer listing. It needs to advertise their forum and get some traffic in there to make it worth the visit. It needs to be responsive to inquiries.

If you want to see what’s new with Verona Shotguns, the site is worth a visit. But, I’d go to Gander Mountain or some other Verona dealer to get real information on any particular model. Even then, you may not get the right answer. Many of the references on the web to Verona simply copy the PMC line that these are all Italian shotguns. Good luck!

Visit PMC's Website: Official PMC Website

Verona Shotgun Review | Verona Shotguns
Verona Shotgun Review
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