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Graybeard Outdoors | Gun Forums

Reviews | Gun Forums

Members 11,200
# of Posts 269,000
Visitors/Week 50,000+

# of Forums 135+
Buy/Sell Forums 5

Forum Character

Graybeard Outdoors (GBO) is an outstanding forum with a clear focus on “Enjoying the Great Outdoors”. Its excellence is due, in no small part, to the active participation of Bill Graham, the president and CEO of Graybeard Outdoor Enterprises – or, as he is known on the forum, Graybeard himself! Members cite Graybeard’s involvement as helping to create a group of well organized and well maintained forums, and ensuring that GBO is run as a “tight ship”. As one member put it:

“GB reminds us of the boundaries, the purpose and the values of the site.”

If there is one thing that Hunter Buzz has found to be a critical success factor for on-line gun forums it is the character of the head guy. Hunter Buzz applauds Graybeard, the site's able Web Master (Matt) and a crew of excellent moderators for setting up a superior experience for gun and outdoors enthusiasts.

As for the character of GBO, it is hard to review a web site that has in excess of 135 forums. Clearly there is something here for everyone – firearms, hunting of all kinds, accessory discussions, trapping, active product testing and review with top manufacturers, etc. etc. Across the board, however, GBO appears to be civil with little hostility or vulgarity. Members are diverse, with both broad as well as specialized expertise and generally described as “top shelf”. Posters share their knowledge, are kind to others (newbies or old-timers) and are both courteous and fun. These member characteristics appear to be consistent across the many available forums.

Clearly, GBO is more than just another gun forum. Hunter Buzz gives it the highest grade possible and recommends that you visit the site, become a member and enjoy one the Web’s most popular gun and outdoor forums!

Website: Graybeard Outdoors

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