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Shotgun World | Gun Forums

Reviews | Gun Forums

Members 12,300
# of Posts 258,000
# of Threads 35,000

# of Tech/News Forums 1
# of Buy/Sell Forums 11 (including sponsor forums)
# Content Forums 38
# of Regional Forums 10

Forum Character

Shotgun World is all about shotguns; what to buy, where to buy, how to use, a place to sell, for hunting and trap and skeet and collecting, reloading, politics and just about everything else you would want to know about the wonderful world of shotguns and shooting!

In other words, it is comprehensive and big, a great on-line resource! As an example, I personally bookmarked three separate pages as I cruised around the site for this review, each covering hard-to-find topics that interested me.

The content provided by the different forums can be very important to the shotgun owner or potential buyer. Shotgun reviews, specific accessories, and shotgun trouble-shooting are covered in numerous posts within the specific brand forums. For those of you who have had trouble finding objective reviews of a particular shotgun/model, this is one place you need to visit.

It’s also the favorite on-line of many of its members – not just an information repository. Folks are friendly, they respond quickly to questions and the forums appear to be well moderated! Most of the threads I looked at were civil and to the point, although the Politics forum gets down-right fierce at times!

One point of member controversy is that guests are allowed to post. Now, this can lead to unwanted “crank” posts that are irritating, but it also allows folks to try out the forum for a while before joining --- and, provides a forum for those who don’t feel comfortable with the sign-up process. I actually didn’t find too many off-topic “guest” posts -- the moderators must be doing their job!

The forums are very well organized and easy to navigate. The members are friendly. The information available, the resident expertise and member knowledge are all exceptional.

Hunter Buzz rates this gun forum very high – if you a shotgun enthusiast you must check it out!

Website: Shotgun World

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