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Canadian Gun Nutz | Gun Forums

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Members 3,700
Threads 69,000

Discussion Forums 22
Technical Forums 1
Buy/Sell Forums 6

Forum Character

Members are described as knowledgeable and friendly, and from diverse backgrounds: military, law enforcement, authors, manufacturer reps, shooters, collectors, newbies and everything in-between! Responses to the Hunter Buzz inquiry were serious and humorous, via one-line quips or comprehensive multi-paragraph discussions. As with most of the other popular sites, members look for answers to their gun questions here – and get them! (One interesting fact – Hunter Buzz received more replies from Canadiangunnutz than any other forum reviewed -- in spite of its medium size!!)

This forum has a great deal of vibrancy, in a rough and tumble way. The moderators watch for unfair shots – but allow most everything else. For some, this could be a turn-off, but for the members, this is part of why they are so loyal to this gun forum. “Best in Canada” was repeated over and over again!

I like a forum with this kind of pride! Hunter Buzz recommends it highly for all Canadians and suggests that Canada’s southern neighbors should visit it from time to time to enjoy the sprit of the community.

Website: CGN Gun Forum Website

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